HongKong. Free city as known as "The pearl of the Orient”
In 1997, Hong Kong was returned from the UK to China.
Now, from control by the China government,
Endless protests continue throughout the HongKong,
Calling for true democratization and liberation from Chinese government.
Why do HongKong young people fight for?
We interviewed people involved in the demonstration in various ways
and followed their trajectory from November 19, 2019 to January 1, 2020.
Reconstructed the records in 24 hours.
[Director's Statement]
What is freedom?
I feel like I have never had such a question since I was a child.
It may seem unscrupulous, but the first time I witnessed the HongKong demonstration,
I saw some young people protesting against power for freedom, I felt envious.
That’s because all Japanese of the same generation as me have always enjoyed obedient youth without questioning society and power.
Chinese government, Hong Kong government, HongKong police.
HongKong people are confronting huge power.
However, during a very limited time in their lives, they are fighting for their freedom.
It looked so beautiful to me. And I was motivated to send their voice to the world.
[Director’s Profile/Ikuma Horii]
Born in Yamanashi, Japan.
Majored in superconducting engineering in college.
Studied video by self-study, started to work as a video director.
Filming and directing many commercial video & PVs.
At the same time involved in film production,“Sacrifice”,
a directorial and short film depicting the affected animals in the alert area
after the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011.
“Sacrifice” was invited to LA EIGA FEST 2012, Short Shorts Film Festival 2013,
Athens International Short Film Festival 2014, Asiana International Short Film Festival 2014.
"Scope" (2010) - Feature film - Producer, Script, Cinematography
"Sacrifice" (2012) - Short film - Director, Script, Cinematography
"The look" (2016) - Feature film - Producer, Script, Cinematography
"Montage of Hong Kong" (2020) - Short film - Director, Cinematography, Editor